Yoga for weight loss a set of exercises for beginners

yoga pose for weight loss

Yoga is one of the practices that allows you to look your best, in particular for women - to become slim and beautiful. It must be remembered that yoga for weight loss a set of exercises is not only yoga exercises, but also a change in diet, emotional self-regulation, as well as breathing exercises.

Slimming Yoga for Beginners

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Complex yoga classes for weight loss affect not only the physical, physiological aspects of a person, but also psychologically, and, thus, solve the problem of losing weight. After all, one of the tasks of yoga is the acquisition of inner integrity. Acceptance of oneself in all its manifestations is the basic principle of yoga. This makes it possible to save a huge amount of energy, which is spent on the struggle between our superconscious attitudes and our subconscious desires. Therefore, in yoga, the principle is cultivated that it is important not to correspond to some socially cultivated ideal of the figure - it is important that the weight of a person corresponds to his natural constitution.

Yoga for beginners for weight loss, therefore, leads to the fact that a person's weight gradually returns to its natural norm, after which both the person himself and his environment begin to perceive it naturally, regardless of complexion.

There are a variety of yoga weight loss methods available. A very important element is self-hypnosis, a formula that you can compose yourself and pronounce several times a day several dozen times, especially when half asleep - during, for example, waking up and falling asleep.

Proper nutrition and yoga for weight loss

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Proper nutrition is an integral part of the yoga practice for weight loss. The correct separation between the intake of liquid and dense food allows you to increase the percentage of absorption of food, which makes it possible not to feel a constant desire to have a snack. An important aspect is separate nutrition, that is, the use of only those products in one meal that correspond in their acidity to each other. For example, acidic foods with slightly acidic or neutral, weakly alkaline - with alkaline or neutral.

Much attention must be paid to cleansing procedures. It is advisable to form the habit of taking an enema once a week, which allows not only to keep the body clean, but also helps to normalize weight or lose weight. It is especially effective to do this procedure before taking a sauna.

Yoga for weight loss a set of exercises for beginners

Among the best yoga exercises for weight loss, Shank Prakshalan should be noted both as a set of exercises and as a cleansing technique. It is a dynamic complex using various yoga breathing techniques. From an energy point of view, the problem of being overweight is based on the consumption of more than necessary amounts of it.

Shank Prakshalana Exercise

Exercise 1

exercise shank prakshalana from yoga for weight loss

Starting position - standing, feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other.

The arms are locked over the head, the shoulders are pressed to the ears.

Performance. Do five tilts with your body and arms alternately to the sides, starting with a tilt to the right.

During the exercise, the pelvis and legs should remain motionless.

Exercise 2

Starting position - standing, feet shoulder-width apart, feet parallel to each other. Hands are raised in front of you at the level of the shoulder girdle.

Performance. Turns are performed with the upper part of the body, arms and head alternately left and right, starting with a turn to the left. At the same time, the pelvis and legs should be kept motionless.

Exercise # 3

The starting position is an emphasis lying bent over. The pelvis is at the level of the heels, the heels are pulled back. The chest is bent forward. Top of the head up.

Performance. The head is turned alternately to the right and left, trying to see our heels when turning. The shoulders remain stationary in a straight line parallel to the floor.

Exercise 4

Starting position - legs are wider than shoulder width apart. The body is in an upright position.

Performance. One hand is retracted to the side and a hand swing is performed with a turn of the body. Then the body is tilted. The legs are bent at the knees. The leg, which is in relation to the rotation at the back, is placed on the floor. The head looks behind the back. The belly tends to lie on the thigh.

Yoga for weight loss a set of exercises should be based on a harmonious combination of physical and psychological practice, supported by breathing practice, as well as the regulation of physiological aspects. If these principles are followed, the results will be visible after a month and a half.