How to lose 5 kg in a week: basic rules

the girl is studying ways to lose weight by 5 kg per week

Losing weight is a topical issue at any time of the year, and even more so before the winter holidays with their abundance of parties. Often, the need to fit into your favorite dress becomes completely urgent, and the fact that you need to lose no more than five kilograms does not help. Losing weight by several kilograms in a week is not an easy task, it requires willpower, iron discipline and impressive motivation, but everything is possible. If you follow a number of rules and do not allow yourself to indulge, then the plan "to look dazzling at the upcoming party" becomes quite real. From the article you will learn how to lose 5 kg in one week.

Rules for losing weight in a week

Choosing the right diet is only half the battle. One way or another, there is a universal set of rules that are relevant for any nutritional system and allow you to accelerate weight loss.

Losing weight in a week is possible only if the following points are observed:

  1. Don't eat four hours before bed
  2. Exclude fried, fatty, sweets, pastries and semi-finished products
  3. Measure parameters and weight daily - success will be an additional motivation to continue
  4. Follow your drinking regimen
  5. Small portions
  6. Do not swallow food in one go - take the time to chew thoroughly
  7. Don't forget about multivitamins that will support the body under stress - and restricting your usual diet is nothing more than stress

It would seem that there is nothing complicated, and everyone knows these rules, but this does not make them less effective - adherence to the entire complex in combination with a properly selected diet will help you lose weight in a week, even by five kilograms.

Emergency Weight Loss Nutrition Program

We offer you a nutrition program that allows you to lose five kilograms or more in a week without much effort.

Every morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of water with lemon, always without sugar. You can start having breakfast no earlier than half an hour later - take this time for your morning procedures and preparing breakfast.

An example of the menu looks like this:

  • Breakfast. Fruit salad of any three fruits, seasoned with low-fat natural yogurt
  • Dinner. Vegetable salad - use any vegetables except potatoes, they are too high in carbs. A prerequisite is no salt. Of course, no mayonnaise, sour cream and other sauces - use olive oil and lemon juice for dressing
  • Dinner. Repeat morning fruit salad, wash down with green tea. In no case add sugar or even sweeteners - if you want sweets so badly, then take a teaspoon of honey

During the day, if you feel hungry between meals, drink a glass of low-fat kefir. Remember that the total volume should be no more than a liter.

At the end of the week, the weight indicators and body parameters will please you a lot - the main thing is to get out of the diet correctly, otherwise all the weight will return to the same volume within a couple of days. To exit, use the same diet as during the diet, but with the gradual addition of boiled meat - poultry and beef, no pork. By gradually adding the rest of the foods, you will return to your previous diet without gaining the lost pounds back.

Express weight loss diets: how to lose weight in a week

There are many diets designed specifically to help you lose weight in a week. They are quite tough, involve serious dietary restrictions and starvation, and all doctors forbid to withstand them for longer than a week - otherwise, the harm to the body may outweigh the value of weight loss.

We offer you a list of the most effective express diets that allow you to lose up to five kilograms or more literally in a matter of days:

  1. Buckwheat. The entire weekly diet consists of steamed buckwheat without salt, butter and bread, as well as low-fat kefir - no more than one and a half liters per day.
  2. Soup vegetarian diet. The menu includes soup made from celery, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and cabbage. You can add herbs and spices, you can not add salt, butter and bread.
  3. Vegetable. Eat one and a half kilograms of raw vegetables a day - anything except potatoes. In addition to weight loss, it perfectly cleanses the digestive tract.
  4. Dairy diet. Drink a glass of milk every three hours - and nothing else. Milk must be cow and homemade. Remember to drink.
  5. Fruit yoghurt. Perhaps the most delicious of all. Prescribes to eat fresh sour fruits and natural yoghurt without fillers for a week. In addition to fruits and yogurt, boiled poultry is allowed - no more than 200 grams per day. A turkey is ideal for these purposes, but if this luxury is not affordable, then chicken breast would be an excellent option. If you wish, you can replace the poultry with lean fish - boiled, stewed or baked without oil.

When choosing a diet, remember that they all involve severe stress on the body and have a number of contraindications - for example, if you have a problem stomach or intestines, it is better to forget about a vegetable diet. Before trying to lose five kilograms in a week, be sure to consult your doctor.