Why is the "Favorite" diet effective for 14 days, what is its menu

How to get rid of excess weight effortlessly and for a long time? Use the "Favorite" diet for 14 days. A positive result will not be long in coming.

Method Features

favorite diet

Diet is a popular weight loss method that is increasingly being used by overweight people. There are quite a few weight loss systems, so choosing your method is not difficult. There are several types of diets that will quickly and effectively tidy up your figure.Most often, nutritionists recommend using the following methods:

  • low-calorie foods that are low in calories;
  • low-fat, the menu of which includes foods with a minimum amount of fat;
  • low-carbohydrate, in which the intake of food with a large amount of carbohydrates is limited;
  • protein based on the use of protein products;
  • mono-diets, which are severe fasting on any one product.

System essence

The 14-Day Favorite Diet Menu allows you to use individual regimens to achieve positive results.In 2 weeks the body will be cleansed of toxins, excess fat will be burned, which will lead to weight loss. The essence of the diet is to strictly adhere to the menu developed by nutritionists, which consists of a set of low-calorie foods. Weight will go away from the first day. And at the end of losing weight, the figure will acquire ideal forms, which every woman could not even dream of. The main thing is to follow all the recommendations of nutritionists and strictly adhere to the menu.

Important:The diet menu is designed so that a person consumes no more than 1000 kcal per day. All products have a low percentage of fat and are easily absorbed by the body.

It is important to adhere to a drinking regimen while losing weight. You need to drink up to 2 liters of water per day.

how to prepare for a diet

Prepare for your diet in a few days. Salt and sugar, flour products, sweets, spices should be excluded from the diet. Reviews of the "Favorite" diet for 14 days are advised to drink vitamin preparations in 2 weeks so that weight loss passes without harm to the body. This will replenish the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals. If you feel hungry, you can drink tea in any quantity, but without sugar.

Menu Options

For effective weight loss on the "Favorite" diet in 14 days, experts offer several types of menus.


Day 1:

  1. Drink a glass of kefir for breakfast.
  2. For lunch, cook 200 g of light chicken broth. You cannot add salt.
  3. Liquid yogurt is allowed for afternoon tea.
  4. Dine with milk.

Important:During the diet, it is forbidden to drink carbonated water.

Day 2:

  1. Eat 2 fresh tomatoes for breakfast.
  2. For lunch, prepare a salad of white cabbage, cucumbers and herbs. You can add a little olive oil.
  3. Eat 2 fresh cucumbers for an afternoon snack.
  4. Have dinner with a salad with fresh cucumbers, bell peppers and herbs.

Day 3:

  1. Drink tea or cocktail for breakfast.
  2. For lunch, it is allowed to eat 150 grams of broth and a glass of milk.
  3. For an afternoon snack, drink any fermented milk product.
  4. Drink a glass of milk for dinner.

Day 4:

  1. Have breakfast with grapefruit and 2 oranges.
  2. For lunch, prepare a salad of any fruit.
  3. They eat an apple and a pear for an afternoon snack.
  4. Eat a grapefruit for dinner.

5 Day:

menu for the week
  1. Have breakfast with 2 boiled eggs.
  2. For lunch, eat 200 g of boiled fish, pea soup.
  3. For an afternoon snack, eat 100 g of cottage cheese.
  4. Eat 100 grams of cheese for dinner. You can add a cup of tea.

6 Day:

  1. Have breakfast with a cup of tea or a glass of any fermented milk product.
  2. Prepare broth for lunch, drink 200 g of juice.
  3. A glass of cocktail is allowed for afternoon tea.
  4. Drink a glass of milk for dinner.

7 Day:

  1. Breakfast with 2 boiled eggs and a glass of tea.
  2. Buckwheat soup with chicken meat and fruits are allowed for lunch.
  3. Any fruit is allowed for afternoon tea.
  4. You can make a vegetable salad for dinner.

This menu of the "Favorite" diet for 14 days is repeated similarly to the first week.


All odd days drink only liquids: water, juices, compotes, milk, fermented milk products. All even days eat vegetables and fruits.


This 14-Day Favorite Diet with a detailed menu will help you cope with fasting easily:

  • 1 day- drink plenty of fluids. To avoid the feeling of hunger, it is recommended to drink juices, kefir or liquid broth;
  • Day 2- eat only vegetables that do not contain starch. They can be eaten raw, boiled, or baked. You can make salads with the addition of a small amount of olive oil;
  • Day 3- you can drink kefir, milk, liquid yogurt, fermented baked milk in unlimited quantities;
  • Day 4- you can eat any fruit. They are eaten raw or boiled. You can bake apples, make various salads;
  • Day 5- on this day, you can eat boiled chicken, fish, veal. You can boiled eggs, omelet, seafood, low-fat cheeses;
  • Day 6- drink liquids in any quantity;
  • Day 7- vegetables, fruits, 200 g of any lean boiled meat, light broths are allowed.


This method of losing weight is not for everyone.It is not recommended to follow the diet of the following category of people:

contraindications to diet favorite
  • those who have been diagnosed with gastritis, ulcers or have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • if there are kidney problems;
  • for cardiovascular diseases;
  • during menopause;
  • for hormonal disorders;
  • for menstrual irregularities;
  • for hypertension;
  • in the presence of diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnant and lactating women are prohibited from dieting;
  • teenagers are not advised to resort to this fasting method.

Important:Even in the absence of the listed diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor before making a diet.

Allowed and Prohibited Products

If you follow the "Favorite" diet, you are allowed to consume for 14 days:

  • dairy products;
  • kefir;
  • fermented baked milk;
  • compotes;
  • juices;
  • drinking water;
  • broths;
  • liquid yogurt.

Forbidden to use:

  • carbonated drinks;
  • sour cream;
  • mayonnaise;
  • sugar;
  • salt;
  • fatty fish and meat;
  • potatoes;
  • bananas;
  • grapes;
  • muffins;
  • butter;
  • alcohol.


The advantages of the "Favorite" diet include:

  • short period of fasting;
  • the ability to increase portion sizes if desired;
  • available products;
  • ease of preparation;
  • cleansing the digestive tract from toxins;
  • long term of the results obtained.


The cons of the diet include:

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • pressure increase;
  • insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals in the body;
  • feeling hungry during drinking days.

Important:If you feel worse, the diet should be stopped.


favorite diet results

If you strictly adhere to the menu, the result of the "Favorite" diet in 14 days can be a loss of up to 10 kg of excess weight.A person can lose up to 500-1000 g of weight per day. The positive effect is observed due to the active cleansing of the intestines. People who have large body fat see results already on the 3rd day of fasting. The volume of the waist and hips decreases rapidly. Fat people quickly bring the figure back to normal. In people prone to overweight, the abdomen becomes flat, cellulite disappears in the thighs. Here are some reviews of the "Favorite" diet for 14 days.

Tips and Tricks

To avoid fatigue, weakness and dizziness, during the diet it is necessary to drink vitamin complexes. Instead of water, you can unlimitedly use kefir, milkshakes, light broths.

You can exercise or go hiking. You should eat often, in portions of no more than 200 grams. You can eat vegetables and fruits in unlimited quantities. It's important not to overeat. Salt and sugar should be completely eliminated.

It is recommended to keep a journal to help you keep track of how you are feeling.


Diet is the beginning of the path to a lean and beautiful body. Having achieved positive results, you should not stop there or return to your usual way of life. Extra pounds return again if you eat fatty foods, overeat, move a little. Therefore, in order to always be in shape, it is worth reviewing your diet and working on yourself every day.