Diet for the lazy - minus 12 kg: menu for every day, results

features of the diet for the lazy

A diet for the lazy, of course, does not mean that you can do nothing at all. There are some guidelines to follow. But they will not require superhuman endurance from you.

Being overweight is a very common problem. Millions of people around the world are trying different diets in an attempt to lose weight - but not always have the time and resources to fully control their diet. Some diets require a lot of time to cook, some involve special nutrition, plus, of course, physical activity must be added to any diet . . . All this discourages people from losing weight, but there are diets that do not impose a huge number of restrictions, andone of them is a diet for the lazy. The advantage of this diet is that, with its rather short duration (the diet for the lazy is calculated for a maximum of 2 weeks), it helps to develop a very useful habit - to drink enough water.

Nowadays, the range of drinks is huge, and not all of them can at least somehow be counted as a "healthy" drink. The high content of sugar, caffeine, all kinds of dyes is not good for anyone. At the same time, we often forget about clean water, and completely in vain - its sufficient consumption is critically important for the body. This is what the "diet for lazy minutes 12 kg" is based on - you learn to drink clean water in the amount you need, and at the same time you fill the space in your stomach not with food, but with water. As a result, the total calories per meal could drop by 75 to 90 calories, according to research published in the journal. And this happens not only because you eat less, but also because water replaces some of the less healthy drinks.

So what's the point of a lazy diet?

Lazy Weight Loss Diet - Basic Rules

drinking regimen on a diet for the lazy

The main rule of the diet for the lazy is to drink a glass of water 20-30 minutes before eating. It helps to moderate appetite and speed up digestion. But while eating, it is better to refrain from drinking. It is recommended to drink no earlier than an hour after a meal.

We figured out the water. What about food? On a lazy weight loss diet, divide your daily diet into at least 4 meals. You should eat often to prevent hunger, as it slows down the metabolism.

The diet for the lazy at home is based on the principles of separate nutrition. This means that you are eating protein and carbohydrates separately, such as meat without a side dish. You can put off the garnish until your next meal. All cereals saturated with carbohydrates are recommended to be eaten in the morning. Make dinner with protein and vegetables.

Diet for the lazy - a menu for every day

The diet menu for the lazy includes lean meat, a lot of vegetable fiber (vegetables, fruits), and low-fat dairy products. Baking, smoked products, salty foods, fast food are prohibited.

Here is a sample diet menu for the lazy for a week.

1st day

Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, fruit.

Lunch: 100 g of steamed fish, vegetable salad.

Afternoon snack: apple.

Dinner: two boiled eggs, 50 g of chicken breast.

2nd day

Breakfast: cabbage stewed without oil.

Lunch: chicken broth, vegetable salad.

Afternoon snack: low-fat yogurt, fruit salad.

Dinner: 70 g of boiled fish, vegetable salad.

fish salad on a diet for the lazy

3rd day

Breakfast: salad of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.

Lunch: mushroom broth, black bread.

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese with berries.

Dinner: 100 g of boiled beef, vegetables.

4th day

Breakfast: cabbage salad with cucumbers and herbs.

Lunch: vegetable soup, yeast-free bread.

Afternoon snack: peach.

Dinner: steamed fish cakes, vegetable salad.

steamed fish cakes on a diet for the lazy

5th day

Breakfast: cottage cheese with yoghurt and fruit.

Lunch: steamed fish, a slice of rye bread.

Afternoon snack: apple and pear.

Dinner: 100 g of boiled beef, vegetables.

6th day

Breakfast: boiled egg, black bread with cheese.

Lunch: 80 g chicken breast, vegetable salad.

Afternoon snack: nectarine.

Dinner: 70 g of beef, vegetable salad.

cauliflower on a diet for the lazy

7th day

Breakfast: Cauliflower with turmeric.

Lunch: turkey broth.

Afternoon snack: plums.

Dinner: boiled egg, salad, 50 g of fish.

Diet for the lazy - minus 12 kg: opinions

The opinions of those losing weight confirm that on a diet for the lazy, you can lose up to 10 - 12 kg in two weeks.

Remember that a "lazy" diet is contraindicated in pregnancy, kidney disease, calcium deficiency and vitamin deficiency, as well as breastfeeding, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, liver. If you have even a drop of doubts about the diet, consult your doctor, find out if you can load your body in this way (and any diet is a load). A shortened version of the diet is possible - for 7 days, of course, you will not lose 10-12 kg, but the results will still be.

Many people choose a diet for the lazy as a way to quickly lose excess pounds, and this is quite justified, but not everyone's diet works unambiguously. If the body is dehydrated, even some weight gain is possible at first, and without additional dietary restrictions, water alone will not work so efficiently that 10-12 kg are really gone. Perhaps no water can beat fast food and daily night visits to the refrigerator (but we are sure: if you decide to lose weight, then, of course, this is not about you at all), and physical activity is necessary to keep the body in good shape. Nevertheless, as we already said, even if you just drink a glass or two of water 20-30 minutes before meals, you will not be hungry so much, and reviews on the diet for the lazy confirm this. And water accelerates metabolism quite successfully.

Also, those who have practiced such a diet say that a glass of water is a general recommendation, someone can easily drink two glasses or one and a half for themselves, it all depends on the individual. But what does not depend is that drinking water should be at room temperature, not too hot and not too cold, and you need to drink it not in one gulp, but in small sips. It can be water from a well, mineral water or just filtered water. By the way: any drinks with such a diet are considered snacks, so before drinking tea or coffee, you will first have to drink water and wait. This is another advantage of the diet - small snacks come to naught, since they are usually the result of a momentary desire to chew something, and half an hour preparation does not fit into this concept. It turns out that it is much easier to eat in a measured manner, observing certain time intervals, and this is just very beneficial for the body.

Those who followed a diet for the lazy note as a plus that it does not require special financial costs, it is even more likely to save money - because it is better to refuse fast food and convenience foods. Plus, getting enough fruits and vegetables in a lazy diet means your body is getting more of the vitamins it needs. Another health bonus! And, of course, it is convenient that in many cases it is possible not to cook for yourself separately, but to eat the same as everyone else, only in smaller portions.

precautions before dieting

Diet for the lazy: precautions

However, any diet is a certain limitation, and it is important not to overdo it with these limitations. First of all, when following a diet for the lazy, focus on your comfort. If you have to constantly overpower yourself, the likelihood of a breakdown will increase significantly, and it will be very disappointing if the weekly results overlap the food sprint on the weekend. If you are uncomfortable drinking two glasses of water, drink one. Warm water drinks better - drink warm water. It seems that water is still not enough - replace meat or fish with a side dish for soup, soups generally go very well with such a diet.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, outside your home or office, plan your daily itinerary. A lot of water at the entrance means that there is also a lot of water at the exit.

Monitor your health and condition. It is likely that at first you will need to additionally drink vitamins, since some of the nutrients will go away with the food that you refuse, and in order to find a balance, it takes time.

The diet for the lazy lasts two weeks, but this does not mean that immediately after it you can eat anything and as much as you want. If you want to maintain the weight and prevent it from growing, the diet will still need to be observed, otherwise the lost kilograms will come back, and it may happen that you, on the contrary, gain additional weight instead of staying in the one that you need. However, if during these two weeks you "get involved" in the process, then, most likely, you will learn to recognize the signals of your body and you will understand when you are really hungry, and when it will be enough just to drink water.

Try not to limit yourself to a diet: add physical activity if possible. So the process of losing weight will go much faster and more efficiently, in addition, simply losing weight is often not enough, a slender figure with a relief looks much more beautiful - and this is what sport allows to achieve.

Plan your lazy diet menus in advance, balance is very important. The body must receive all the nutrients and vitamins that it needs, otherwise you will only harm your health.

According to reviews, a diet for the lazy is quite effective in the fight against excess weight, if it is perceived not as short-term changes in the diet, but as a transitional period that helps to develop healthy habits. If you have often eaten fast food, fatty or salty foods, or semi-finished products before, a lazy diet will help you straighten your eating regimen, and after it it will be much easier for you to switch to proper nutrition.