Losing weight at home: cozy, easy, effective!

Losing weight yourself at home is very simple. The most important part of this process is a well-chosen diet. It should be moderate and balanced enough to provide the human body with all the necessary nutrients.

Of course, at home, when there is a refrigerator nearby and you often have to open it to cook for the family, to restrain yourself from eating something superfluous, but very tasty, is an extremely difficult task. The main thing here is to have willpower and an attitude towards the result. As they say, to defeat yourself, your loved one.

Effective weight loss rules at home

Rule one. Drink water before meals. A glass of water will already take up some space in your stomach, so you will eat less than if you had not drunk liquids. In addition, nutritionists advise drinking just before meals, and not during or after meals.

The second rule. Give up sweets and starchy foods. These types of foods are too conducive to the deposition of fat mass in different parts of the body. However, remember, not all flour is harmful. For example, pasta made from wholemeal flour or baked goods made from it in small quantities will not harm you. But cake, ice cream, cake, buns with jam are your enemies in the literal sense of the word.

Rule three. Only vegetable salads should be served with meat and fish dishes. They are easily absorbed by the human body and provide you and me with the necessary complex of useful substances in the form of vitamins, trace elements and fiber. It is recommended to season such salads with soy sauce or olive oil. Say a firm no to mayonnaise. It carries too many calories and is hard to digest.

slimming vegetables

Rule four. Avoid eating after 7 p. m. Some nutritionists do not even recommend drinking, let alone what to eat, after passing this daily time line. In addition, having carefully digested the portions of food taken, the stomach by the time of sleep will be in a half-empty state, which will prevent fermentation processes, which means that pain and bloating in the morning will not torment you.

The fifth rule. The main thing is attitude. Psychology, as a science, exists for some reason, so someone needs it. She helps, works, so to speak. First of all, imagine the goal that you have outlined. And you have outlined yourself in all your slender glory. So imagine that you will lose those extra pounds, life will sparkle with bright colors. It is important that the means justify the end, as we see it. If they do not justify, it means that we do not wake up to strive for this goal as we could, putting in all our efforts. Some scientists even put forward a theory about the power of thought. In any case, dreams of good and light have not bothered anyone yet. You can buy for yourself a couple of three of your favorite clothing items that are several sizes smaller than yours. And strive for the opportunity to wear these clothes through time.

Rule six. Diet is a diet, and no one has canceled physical activity. Where are we without such "beloved" by us daily active workouts. With a properly selected diet, fewer calories will enter our body, and sports will burn out what comes in. Not all, really.

What kind of physical exercise at home will help us?

slimming exercises

Perhaps the main rule is to practice regularly. Best three times a week. The interval between classes is the most optimal in one calendar day. The best time to workout is from eleven in the morning to one in the afternoon or from five to seven in the evening. Naturally, you will stick to a certain set of exercises. But remember that the loads need to be increased. The body adapts after three to four weeks, and if you do not "add heat", in the sense of not increasing the load, then you will not get the desired effect. You can change the set of exercises every month.

In order to prepare your body for a quick weight loss, run in place, raising your knees high. Repeat this exercise for two to three minutes. Then bend in different directions for three to five minutes and finish preparing for the main set of exercises with sharp rotating arm exercises. All of these preloads will warm up and prepare your muscles and joints for the main load. Physical activity should be started no earlier than two hours after eating. And finish at least two or three hours before bedtime. Otherwise, you will not fall asleep for a long time.

Mandatory exercises

First. Start with squats first. Put your feet together and extend your arms in front of you. Squat fifteen to twenty times. Two minute break. Then the legs are shoulder-width apart, and the arms are at the sides. Do deep squats. Also fifteen - twenty times.

Second. Then kicks. Left, then right and vice versa. Hands at the waist. Repeat the exercise fifteen times. It will strengthen the muscles of the buttocks.

Third. Then lie down on the mat (it should not be too soft), take the dumbbells in your hands and, as you inhale, raise them as high as possible above you, and as you exhale, lower them as low as possible. Repeat twelve times. Do you feel how the pectoral muscles receive their portion of the load? The weight of the dumbbells can be increased over time, as can the number of approaches.

dumbbell exercises for weight loss

Fourth. Don't get up. Bring your arms together with the dumbbells in front of you and slowly raise your head without bending your arms. The amount of exercise is the same as in the previous case.

Fifth. The next type of exercise will have a positive effect on the processes of reducing the waist volume. In order to perform it, pick up a high stick and put it on your shoulders behind your head. Use your hands to fix the stick at both ends. Bend as low as possible. Do it twenty-five times.

Sixth. Lie on the mat so that you can hold a stationary object with your hands. Bend your legs at the knees and raise them above your head. Having raised it, hold it in this position, and then lower it.

Practice vigorous walking. Such walks, too, do not give a small load and are very conducive to weight loss. Walk more and more distance every day. The load can be significantly increased by going uphill.

Training for video courses

They are very effective. Especially for those who are bored of independently inventing a set of exercises for themselves and performing it. With cheerful musical accompaniment, things will go much faster. And besides, you will learn new types of loads for yourself. However, make sure that you are not overloaded. They will be bad for your health. Performing exercises behind a trainer from a television screen, we forget that recording and real workouts are big differences in terms of load. What is shown must be tried on to your temporary realities. We recommend trying callanetics classes. In addition to adhering to the diet and training, it is necessary, despite the already present restrictions on food, to arrange fasting days for yourself and eat only vegetables and fruits. This food is useful and easily absorbed by the human body.

You can purchase exercise equipment for your home. Treadmills and bicycles remain very popular. Cardiovascular equipment or cross trainers have also come into vogue recently. They provide the least traumatic and the most effective training environment. The downside is bulkiness. They take up too much space and are massive enough. The cardio machine aims to burn calories and work out the upper torso. The results are provided by the movement of special levers.

And so, let's draw some conclusions.

You can effectively lose extra pounds at home. It is important to tune in to victory and combine different means and methods of struggle. However, the most important ways to burn fat are recognized: dietary restriction and exercise.

nutrition and exercise for weight loss

It is better to consult a dietitian about restricting the diet. Modern means of researching your body will allow you to determine the products from the consumption of which it is better to refuse. The doctor will tell you the best and least costly way for your body to achieve a slim figure. And where to implement what the doctor ordered? Anywhere, even at home. What is not the place to implement a weight loss plan.

By the way, it will be said that if you purposefully go to weight loss, then the home environment can only contribute to this. For example, no one is distracting. Do the exercises that you like, and no one comes in with advice. You also choose the load yourself. The costs are less, since you do not pay for gyms and trainers. Here is such arithmetic!