We eat and lose weight. Or how to lose weight correctly

On the topic of how to lose weight without dieting and sports correctly, besides my own path, I will take into account the experience of friends who followed my recommendations.

Here you will learn practical recommendations on how to lose weight at home for a man and a woman, but without torturing your body. We will look inside our problem. After all, as you know, a lot comes from our perception, consciousness, way of thinking. That is, we will consider our question comprehensively. Our way is to eat and lose weight, not to lose weight through constant diets.

How to lose weight without dieting and sports? Return to the crossroads

First of all, we need to find the intersection that we dashingly passed. That is the moment when we started to gain weight. Let's remember. Some will return five years ago, some will return twenty years, and some will return to their childhood.

Returning to the crossroads of the psychological problem

I will not be able to help you if there is a pathology for medical reasons from childhood. If, however, you have gained too much, over several years or during your life, then, undoubtedly, it makes sense to read this article to the end.

As for me, my “growth” started after I got married. It's trite, you say. Yes and no. Yes, because many people face such a reason. No, because in my analysis I found two other earlier reasons. And life in marriage is just a manifestation of the problem outward.

The first reason- even before marriage, in the evenings, from time to time I was undernourished as I would like. In terms of food quality, it was enough for a normal life, but always experienced a slight deficit in terms of the amount of food. That's how it was in my youth.

Then the topic of eating and losing weight had too direct meaning. The thought took root in my mind, shall I eat my fill tonight? A consciousness of scarcity gradually developed.

Remember - consciousness or attitude of deficit.

Second reason- I am seized by problems or stress. You come home, fill your stomach, grabbing everything in a row, and stop only when nothing fits into your stomach.

In my family life, I just feasted. Which wife will leave her husband hungry? And under stress, after work, I also increased the portions. For two years I have gained an extra 20 kilograms.

So, I gave a personal example. Therefore, the very first thing to do is to understand where you missed the very first intersection. What was the real, mental reason, and what was the second factor? In my case, a well-fed family life is the second factor.

How to lose weight without dieting and sports - personal experience

That is, first we need to stop the process of increasing weight, then reduce it. It is impossible to unload a train rushing along the rails. The train that has picked up speed must first be stopped.

And the more competently you do it, the more success you will achieve. The less you harm your health. It is very risky and unhealthy to stop abruptly or unload the rushing train on the move.

We need to stop the train smoothly. This is the first rule of the best way to lose weight.

And not over-efforts.

It's not going to benefit anyone at all.

It is impossible to have long-term results if a person does something against his will.

Our body remembers all deprivations. Remember the scarcity consciousness? Therefore, serious diets in the form of hardships always turn into a fiasco and, moreover, a hundredfold weight return.

Our topic is not just losing weight, but how to lose weight without dieting and sports. We need to come to terms with our body amicably. We will definitely lose the war with him, and many of us have already lost more wars.

Diplomacy and a little cunning is what we need.

It doesn't matter how old you are, you are a man or a woman after 40, after 50 and so on. Your body, of course, is already cunning, and you are more cunning.

So, let's stop the train with the following method.

How to lose weight or 2 stages of stopping a train

First- we look for our deepest reason or reasons and recognize it. Here you need to be honest with yourself and with our body. We are for diplomacy, right? Hurry will not work here, we need to make sure to correct the mistake in the first step for everything else to go right.

It is important to admit before your body where you were guilty. It's like elementary psychology. If someone is the first to admit that he is wrong, then the second often says that he, too, was not perfect in some way. Having found the reason, and inside yourself, having said this to your body, you already more consciously fix the setting - I can’t do this anymore, or at least I don’t want to.

It's one thing to just say it like that (and you've probably already done that). Another is by finding the reason. We will be forgiven quicker if we make it clear exactly where we were wrong than to do it formally, because etiquette or circumstances require it.

Second step- you need to fix the result. The body must believe us. If you understand that you will be stressed, then you should do it in a different way. You say inside yourself that you will correct yourself, only gradually, smoothly.

A great method is to replace our seizure with a different brain stimulus. What does he want? Calm down, right? We feel full from 70% or 80% of our serving. And often, to hell with her, with our portion! We then “finish off” with sweet beer. We eat again right before bed, although we are not particularly hungry.

This is because we are not satisfied.

The best way to lose weight without dieting

We are now looking at the very root.

We are not satisfied for a number of reasons. And food is, well, a very rude substitute. Our brain needs an alternative. And not just an alternative as a compromise. And what he will savor with the greatest pleasure!

Have you noticed that when the day is very happy, you get a lot? You are active and food fades into the background. Of course, there is appetite, and appetite is one of the signs of good health, but all thoughts are not about food. Savor a pleasant experience. You get pleasure from life on this day, and not only for 20 minutes while eating.

It is necessary to find pleasure for the mind. And exactly what is right for you.

Don't have a hobby? To find!

Recall that we have been postponing for a long time, but not implemented. Is the hobby worth the money? Fuck money, we have a much bigger problem that we think about every day. After all, we need to learn to live in the here and now, if the bias towards the future is obvious.

The main thing here is to start, without fanaticism. But starting, you add a good mood, what we need! Let me remind you that we often eat a lot, because we are not in a good mood.

And food is a kind of injection of good mood, but very short-term and with a side effect.

If there is an opportunity to realize two or three hobbies in life, this is a great help for a new life. There is only one hobby, but there is a desire to realize the second - only forward. You will definitely not regret it!

How to lose weight without dieting and sports is filling your heart

If you already have all this, then you need to add other measures, here the main criterion will be fullness with life. Something from which you will "get high".

Fall in love in the end!

If only to occupy the mind, to be filled with positive emotions. All this levels out the stresses with which we have to live.

Fill with positive emotions

It's a great move to immerse yourself in a particular spiritual practice. This measure remarkably relieves anxiety of the mind. You will look at many things differently. From this, and begin to think differently. After all, stress is our perception of the situation and life. Two people in the same situation treat it differently.

Almost always, we eat more precisely because of this or that stress, albeit subtle, but stress.

Once again. If we lose something, then we need to fill the loss in another place.

Give something in return.

Of course, sports have not been canceled either. It does not always solve the problem, but it definitely helps to lose weight, even without heavy diets.

How to lose weight at home - a new taste for life

We must stop the train with our rethinking of life, changes in life that only we can bring.

Therefore, the main task at this stage will not be diets, but the search for positive changes.

You must become like a bee looking only for nectar.

The task is not easy, I agree. But isn't this the purpose of our life to be happy and to feed on the nectar of life? You have to start somewhere. Then you will get a taste - I promise!

So we move on to the third part. Now, after stopping the locomotive and peace with our body, we can unload it. Unload our weight.

Losing weight without dieting is real.

Here, on the topic of how to lose weight without dieting and sports, I will give practical advice in terms of nutrition. Recommendations that will never be a burden. You will not need to torture yourself with diets at all.

You already know something, but in combination, there will be the greatest effect. And if you don't have serious weight problems, it will be even easier. This is to take life into your own hands. You are filled with your own energy, not someone else's. And now you will also be able to give it.

The best way to lose weight. Step three

  1. Try to eat 4-5-6 small meals a day. I was surprised how much it helps when I started to practice it. I ate everything as before, as much as before, but lost weight. Here again we say to our body that very soon I will give you food. At first he doesn't believe us, and we overeat already 4-6 times a day.

    But stop here!

    Promise him and yourself that you will feed him exactly in 2-3 hours. In a few days, both will be only happy. When this becomes regular, the body's faith in us is strengthened, anxiety disappears. You never overeat.

    It is important here not to drive the body to deep hunger and over-appetite. As soon as you want to eat a little, eat a little immediately. The strain on the heart and on our organs is completely different. The metabolism is getting better.

    After all, as we know, being overweight is also a consequence of metabolic disorders.

    Eating 1-2 times a day and a lot at once is a direct path to excess weight. No options.

  2. Don't eat unless you're hungry. You must have an appetite.
  3. See which meal you eat the most in terms of quantity and calories. If in the evening - just take a slightly smaller plate (if not, then buy the simplest one a little smaller) and eat only from it.

    This is a very good way to cut things down. I still use it. Another option is to divide the evening portion into 2/3 and 1/3. Eat one third after 2-3 hours. It's much better if you eat it all at once. Although in 80% of cases this third will not be needed.

    How to lose weight at home or a new taste of food

  4. Try to chew solid foods with one spoon 30 times. Since it reaches the brain more slowly than the stomach, then because of this we eat more. So we deceive him, now we gorge ourselves on much less.
  5. Any nutritionist will confirm that if you make yourself a fasting day with only vegetarian food once a week, or at least don't eat meat, replace it with boiled fish, this will also have a positive effect on your figure and health.
  6. There is also a small and useful tip on Ayurveda. Often, after a hearty meal, we feel that we want something tasty anyway. There is a reason for this. There are 6 main flavors - salty, sweet, sour, pungent, bitter, and astringent (spicy).
6 tastes according to Ayur Veda

When, during the day, we have not received all 6 flavors, we often try to unconsciously get them.

For example, we ate:


Porridge, coffee.


Soup, side dish, fish, bread, compote.


Roast (potatoes with meat), Tea.

What tastes are there? Salty for sure, as the food is salty. Sweet - that's right - we had compote or tea. Meat or fish can be with pepper, which means there was pungency. Bitter - yes, this taste contains coffee. What about sour and astringent? And what about a diet without pepper? (in proportions pleasant for you)

For the above menu - lemon in tea. Banana, grape, grapefruit or persimmon and so on - astringent taste. Fruit also contains a sweet taste. Sugar is optional. It is not worth staying here for a long time, I am sure that you understood the essence well.

Losing weight without dieting means supplementing your diet with a variety of foods.

5 killers of a good piece

Below are five types of killers of our figure, due to which we gain weight. You can definitely eliminate two of them, and then reduce the rest.

Shorten because you will have a different taste for life.

I did it. I couldn't do it, but it doesn't bother me anymore. So:

  1. All kinds of sweet soda. See how many calories are in one can - 500! This is already 25% of our daily value. Beer in the same category.
  2. Ketchups and mayonnaise. Not a problem during the holidays. Every day is like death.
  3. White bread, muffins, pastries, sweets, chips.
  4. Constant food with fast food and semi-finished meat products. No problem - 2-3 times a month.
  5. Fatty, fried foods. Not a problem if 1-2 a week. Every day, no nutritionist advises. More careful with butter in dishes. If you have ever been hinted that you are cooking fatty foods, then you are. Feel free to do a survey among guests and family members.

The secret is who when the result appears, you can much more easily remove the third item out of five, or significantly reduce the rest.

And more.

You can't lose more than 1. 5% of your weight a month!

Weigh 100 kilograms, which means 1. 5 kilograms per month.

Remember, with the body carefully in terms of introducing it into a deficit, it remembers everything. And by 1. 5% he will agree in exchange for a fulfilled life.

Stop sudden weight loss

It's just a huge mistake to do it differently! We are against diets. We are for tasty and healthy food with gradual weight loss to the value we need.

How to lose weight without dieting and constant training. Conclusion.

If there is no doctor's recommendation for a particular diagnosis, then we are losing weight without diets.

Fasting day - yes. Strict diet - no


Otherwise, be sure to return your weight, only with an additional body.

Once again, we eat and lose weight, but we don't lose weight because we don't eat.

So, we have completed the topic of how to lose weight without dieting and sports. Food should be a pleasure. Everything is wise. Food should be as varied as our life. Eat with pleasure and in a good mood! Write in the comments, share the article with your friends. And be happy!